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What is satta king ?

In Satta King, there are various numbers written on slips, out of which the lottery comes out the handiest one precise number. The people bet on the selected number among 00 and 99. If your choose number has been declared as in result, then you'll be rewarded the lottery amount and entitled as "Satta King". If not, you'll lose all the amount which you had bet. The window for the opening of the random number is pre-set through the company. Earlier Satta King was limited to be performed traditionally i.e. "khaiwal" used to collect the betting amount from the people and use to vicinity the bet for them. Thus, it was very hectic and time taking. Now, after digitization when everything was going online. Satta King Games has also chosen to go digital. You can now play it on numerous websites. Although people prefer to play online, tho traditional method is still alive. khaiwal are still there, to help place the bet.

How much profit can I make playing Satta king ?

The amount completely depends on your bet and type of bet you did. Suppose you place a bet for 'haroop' then you will get 9x in return, similarly if you place a bet for 'jodi' your winning amount will be 90x of your betting amount. Ultimately, it means that your winning amount will be multiplied by 9 or 90 respectively. In addition, let's assume you put 10 rupees on the bet, this will win 90 rupees in return if it was placed for "haroop" or 900 if it was placed for"jodi". There is no limit on the amount of winnings, it is entirely up to your risk tolerance. Moreover, you can put any amount as per your risk tolerance and as big as you can. In layman's language the more you can risk, the more you can make. So you can win unlimited amount just by playing right number and winning.

What is Satta Matka King ?

Satta Matka is number based game, where you've to predict and make a bet on a number which you think this is going to come out of pot History of this game dates back to 1940s, during that time the workers had nothing to do apart from their daily wage work. They came up with the idea of betting on opening and closing of cotton prices. They see their fortune in it. Workers found easy way up. However, New York Cotton exchange found out about that and banned all the betting on cotton trades. Although, they were not able to ban betting. Due to lucrative addiction towards the game people came out with new ways to gamble. Satta Matka was one of them. Satta matka is derived from two words "Satta" means gamble and "Matka" means earthen pot. As the name says, chit of numbers is put inside the earthen matka and folks had to predict and bet on the winning number(number drawn out through the pot). This became very popular over the period of the time and running till the time we are writing this.

What is the difference between Satta Matka and Satta King ?

There is a lot of confusion around people regarding Satta Matka and Satta King. They are no different Satta matka is the traditional number based game, and Satta King was the title that was used to give to the winner of any kind of Satta. However over the period of the time, people became so much fond of the title, end up calling the game as Satta King. Nowadays people are more aware Satta King than Satta Matka.

Where should I play Satta King ?

There are various of ways to play Satta King. The most and preferred way of playing is by online websites. After digitalization took place, numerous of website has come that allows you to play Satta King on it. On the hand "khaiwal's" are still there to help you to play it offline. You just have to find a trustworthy khaiwal to place your bet and play.

Who are khaiwals ?

"Khaiwals" are basically representative of the company who organizes the Satta King Game. They take the staked amount from you with your predicted number and place a bet on your behalf. After the game, khaiwals are responsible for giving you the winning amount. In other if we summarize Khaiwals, they act as a broker between you and the company of organizers.

Is it legal to play Satta King ?

Indian Judiciary has banned all type of betting, long ago in the 1960s or 70s stating it as unfair. Tho, some games are still legal in few parts of Indian Province i.e Sikkim. People are allowed to place bet on those games only. What are some biggest win people had in Satta King? There is no such record available. Daily crores of bets take place and daily people win big. And everything is kept off the hook so no one knows.

Can I get rich playing Satta King ?

Yes, you can. If you play with precision and luck favors you, you can surely become rich. However, one shouldn't be completely dependent on satta to become rich. They'll end up losing what they have. Satta may have helped some to become rich, but it has killed more. If you're gambling out of fun, with money you don't need, then it's fine. But when betting becomes an addiction, it's injurious. One shouldn't use their bread and butter to gamble.

What are Jodi and Dhara ?

Jodi and Dhara are satta terms. Used to place bets on numbers. As the name goes, Jodi means double, and Dhara means single. If someone is betting on Jodi, it means they are betting on two numbers. Similarly, if someone is betting on dhara, they are betting on a single number. Winnings also move the same. If someone wins dhara their betting amount gets 9x, and in Jodi, it gets 90x.

What are some types of Satta king ?

As said in the above article, satta king is an umbrella. Lots of game happens there. Satta Matka, Gali, Disawar, Faridabad Satta, Haridwar Satta, Lucknow Gold, Lal Kila, Tejupur Morning, Taj, Mumbai bazaar, etc are a few of them.

What are the basic requirements to play Satta king ?

There are no such requirements. The only thing that needs is luck and money. Apart from that you just have to find the Khaiwal or web/app run by them. In case you're placing a bet online, you'll need a phone with an internet connection, the name of the app, or the web URL of the platform. You'll need to register there and add funds from there. As soon as the fund is added you're ready to place the bet.

Where should I find a khaiwal ?

Since 2005, after the police raids, it has become tough to find them. Earlier, Tea vendors, Paan shop used to work as khaiwal. Though it used to happen in the past but habit doesn't change easily. You can still find a few of them, you just have to find the right shop.


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